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Yes, you are! Many Austrian companies appoint personnel with no german knowledge. If you are a highly qualified person, you can find a job and exercise your profession in Austria also with good command of English or any other EU languages, depending on the respective needs of the company. 

The immigration/relocation process is quite complicated. It consists of different parts, which have to be made in the right order to be able to get to the final aim as fast and as efficiently as possible.  In this process the support of a good and experienced relocation expert can save you a lot of problems and give you a lot of useful information for your new life abroad.

Based on the free movement rules in the EU, If you are EU citizen you can enter Austria without restrictions and remain on its territory for 4 months without a registration certificate.

For third country nationals the relocation process to Austria can take different time depending on the type of residence permit applicable to the specific case and whether you are allowed to file the application on site in Austria or only through the respective Austrian representation abroad (embassy, consulate, visa application center etc.).

Based on our experience, we would say that the process can take from 1 to 6 months, including the document’s preparation phase.

We are expats ourselves and can look at the needs of the newcomers to Carinthia through the eyes of someone who has already gone through the same process and is deeply aware of all questions, crossroads and difficulties. Sharing our experience with you will make your relocation easier and more successful for sure! That is the secret ingredient of our success, which is making people and companies trusting in us and letting us solve their relocation problems. 

Once you have reached the Austrian ground your new life begins and you might need a lot of information and also support for your first steps here, like for example registrations, insurances, finding a good physician, getting an austrian driving license, finding school or kindergarten for your children, getting in contact with other expats etc. For any of those questions and many more you can reach out to us for support and advice!

The answer of this question depends to a big extent on your personal needs and preferences. Klagenfurt is the administrative capital of Carinthia, whereas some of the major international companies in Carinthia are actually located in Villach, making it a very attractive destination for newcomers as well. 

Should you be unable to decide and choose between those two cities, we can arrange an orientation tour for you, which will give you more information for taking the best decision on this subject, corresponding to your particular needs and interests.

Some of the most used platforms for housing offers in Austria are: (available also as app), Immoscout 24,, the CIC webpage (look under useful links) also contains some interesting offers. You can also check the Shpock app.

Yes, We offer a lot of services that can help you with your ongoing life, after you relocate. For more information please check our services.

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